The emBRACE Community Disaster Resilience Framework
Policy Brief
Policy Brief - Executive Summary
  • Suggested citation: emBRACE (2015). The emBRACE Framework of Community Disaster Resilience, (Policy brief), EU project emBRACE Consortium, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Framework Graphic
Key Project Resilience Assessment Output
Working Papers
Workshop reports
Substantive Papers/Reports
  • More details will be provided as the outputs are completed

Planned Outputs

  • Factsheets
  • Policy briefs
  • Working Papers
  • Outputs to case study local stakeholder groups and communities (including factsheets disseminated via the project website and at stakeholder engagement events)
  • IT and Multi-media (Project Website; Resilience Animation; Teaching/Training Packs; online dissemination services)
  • Other Knowledge Sharing (Peer-To-Peer Learning Exchanges working with stakeholder groups)
  • Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe (emBRACE) Handbook

Latest Output

Guidelines for development of indicators, indicator systems and provider challenges Deliverable 3.5. Download here (2.1MB).


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